Why Design/Build?

The Advantages of Working with a Design/Build Firm

The major advantage of using a Design/Build Firm for residential construction & remodeling is that you can control costs and manage the construction budget during the design phase of a project. All too often when a homeowner first works with an architect and then puts their plans out to bid they find that the cost for construction far exceeds their intended budget.

Other benefits of working with a Design/Build Firm:

  • There is one source accountable for all elements of the design and building process and communication is streamlined for the homeowner.
  • An overall design direction with a working budget can be quickly determined at the onset of planning due to the in-depth construction experience of a design/build firm.
  • Exploration of options verses costs is more efficiently and accurately obtained during planning.
  • Exploration of mechanical options (i.e. electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc,) is more accurately assessed in the design phase due to the design/build firm’s overall industry/systems knowledge and management experience as general contractors.
  • Changes in project scope are handled quickly and efficiently without the need to re-bid the entire project.
  • Projects are completed significantly more quickly as a result of the streamlined design/build process.